What is an Escape Room

An Escape Room is a realistic game in which you get locked in a room with a group of people, and where it is the challenge to escape from it within a certain time. You can do this by following clues and solve puzzles. In our room Under Attack for example, you have 60 minutes to escape from the room. When you succeed to exit the room within this period, you win the game!


Veelgestelde vragen:

It depends on the room. We give a recommended amount and a minimum and maximum amount of people. This recommended advice is based on experience and tests. This amount is experienced as most comfortable and enjoyable. To play with more persons can be at the expense of the experience. For the room Under Attack and Mental, 3 to 6 people are recommended. It is possible to come with 2 or 7 (or even more). For every person above the recommended amount of people, an additional € 15,- is charged.
It depends on the disability. The Escape Room is located on the first floor, which is only reachable by a staircase. For some puzzles a certain degree of mobility is needed. The rooms are not suitable for wheel chairs. If you are unsure whether the room is suitable, please a href="/index.php/contact" rel="alternate"> contact us.
Under Attack: Dutch, English and German. Mental: Dutch.
It is possible to come with a bigger group of people. In this case, if available, multiple Escape Room sessions can be played one after another. We have a reception area where u can wait for each other. In this area there is a possibility to play some table tennis, play game or just sit down and have a drink. Also you can make use of the sanitary facilities in the meantime. For more information check this page: https://red-games.nl/index.php/en/arrangements.
When someone is claustrophobic, we recommend to play the room Under Attack. The room Under Attack is not scary and can be played by everyone. Mental on the other hand is more exiting and has circumstances that can be exiting for someone with claustrophobia. Usually our advice is to just try it. In both rooms it is possible to leave the room at any moment.

U can order a (non-alcoholic) drink afterwards with us, but it is not the intention to stay for long. We hope you understand that we need some time to prepare the room for a new group. If you want to stay for a longer time afterwards, please contact us beforehand.

In the area (within 5 minutes of walking distance) there is enough possibility to get a drink or something to eat.

A reservation is required and can only be booked online. Directly after reservation you receive a conformation mail. You didn’t receive a conformation mail? Then something went wrong and the reservation is not complete. Please check your spam box. Cancellation is free of charge until 48 hour in advance of the reservation. If cancelled within 48 hours, we charge 50% of the costs. If cancelled within 24 hours, or you don’t show up, we charge all costs. Cancellation can be done by phone or by using the cancellation link in the conformation mail.
A visit to our Escape Room lasts about 90 minutes, the game lasts up to one hour. Make sure you arrive 10 minutes in time, arriving late can have consequences for your playtime. The recommended age is from 12 years and people under 16 can only play under supervision of an adult. Red Games does not allow people that are under influence of alcohol or drugs. Playing the game is at own risk. Intentional caused damage will be charged. Please also read our conditions.
Payment is only possible in cash. If you want to pay by bank, you can contact us.